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Arizona Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood Insurance

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Flood Insurance

When you think of Arizona, you may assume that it is dry and unlikely to flood. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and homeowners without flood insurance find themselves in a financial bind due to damage from water. Below are reasons you should consider a flood insurance policy from Canyon State Insurance.

Flash Flooding

When it is dry in Arizona, it is dry. However, when it rains, it truly pours. Flash flooding results from excessive rain happening quickly and in a single area. During that time, the amount of water dropped in the area cannot travel fast enough and ends up flooding the properties until it can start navigating towards a lake or river.

Flooding From Bodies of Water

There are dams, lakes, and rivers in Arizona that have the potential to flood. When there is a rise in the precipitation, these areas will get more water than usual, and the properties nearby can start to flood. If you live close to a body of water, you should carry flood insurance just as a precaution. While it may not have happened in the last few years, records for flooding are broken all the time.

You Live in a Flood Zone

If your home is in a known and listed flood zone, you should have a flood insurance policy. Your home insurance policy will not cover any damage related to water, especially if you have not added flood insurance. If you purchase a home or property after it has been zoned, your lender will require you to supplement your policy with insurance.

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